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Granby Cable Co.

Wah Pedal Extension Kit

Wah Pedal Extension Kit

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Include Optional DC Power Cable
Heat Shrink Color
This listing is for a SET OF TWO (2) Granby Cable Co. - 12" Coiled Wah, Volume, or Expression Pedal Patch Cables - Right Angle to Right Angle + an optional 24" DC Power Cable for an extra $3 to complete the kit! 

**PLEASE SELECT the color of heat shrink you would like us to use on the cables - or select 'Random Color' for us to choose for you.**

STOP taking up valuable space on your pedalboard and start using your wah, volume, or expression pedal on the ground right in front of your board for easy access! Without custom cablers, there are currently only a few configuration options when it comes to using a wah, volume, or expression pedal in your pedalboard or rig.

Option 1: Set it on your pedalboard and take up a ton of space that could be used for more pedals!
Option 2: Set it on the ground near your pedalboard and use a long, messy instrument cable to connect it back into your board.

These limited options are why we created our 12" Coiled Patch Cable for Wah, Volume, or Expression Pedals. When coiled, these cables are right around 12" in length but will easily stretch to over 18" when you need a little extra space to rock out!

These 12" Coiled Cables start off as 36" of Mogami 2319 low noise cable. We then hand coil and solder each cable to two (2) SquarePlug Sp500 low-profile, right angle 1/4" mono plugs which allow you to easily fit this cable right between two pedals on your pedalboard.

Good luck finding other cables like this on the market....'Lava' is the only company we have seen who makes a comparable product and theirs is about half the length (if not shorter) and costs significantly more!

- SquarePlug SP500 Compact Pancake Right-Angle 1/4" TS Mono Cable Plug (Matte Nickel)
- Low Profile - "World's Smallest 1/4" Right-Angle Plug"
- Dimensions:
- 0.32" (8.3mm) Depth (excluding plug)
- 0.67" (17mm) Width
- 1.10" (28mm) Height

- Mogami W2319 Low Noise Guitar/Instrument Cable (Black)
- 23 AWG Conductor
- Cable Diameter: 5.0mm (0.197")
- Flex Life: 11000 Cycles

Heat Shrink:
- Available in: Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, or Gray

All cables were tested with a cable tester prior to shipping.

NOTE: Cables are measured and cut to length before the connectors are soldered on. Coiled Cables are not intended to be stretched out to their full length. Doing this will reduce the recoil on the cable and potentially damage it.

(Wah pedal, pedalboard, and pedals pictured are NOT INCLUDED in this listing)
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