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Pedalboard Cable Management Kit - Large

Pedalboard Cable Management Kit - Large

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Cable management is the last step in putting together a perfect pedal board or rig. In order to help you out, we would like to offer Cable Management Kits to help you organize the mess below the surface of your pedalboard.

The large kit includes 50 of each of the following:
- 3M Zip Tie/Cable Tie Mounts - (50)
- 8" Zip Ties/Cable Ties - (50)
- Mounting Screws (Optional way of securing mounts to your pedal board) - (50)

TO INSTALL: Simply wipe down the underside of your pedal board to ensure there is a clean surface for the 3M mounts to adhere to, remove the paper on the 3M Mounts and stick them to the underside of your board. Next, if you have a wood pedal board and would like to ensure your mounts will never fall off, you can install the optional screws, and install 1 per mount. Lastly, organize your cables as you see fit and use the provided cable ties to secure them neatly to the mounts you just installed to the underside of your pedal board.
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