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Granby Cable Co.

6" Pedalboard Patch Cable

6" Pedalboard Patch Cable

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This listing is for one (1) Granby Cable Co. - 6" right angle to right angle, low profile guitar pedalboard patch cable.

Professionally hand assembled in the USA using the highest quality components from SquarePlug and Mogami. These cables rock! Not only are they a super low-noise cable, but they are extremely flexible which makes them ideal to use on a guitar or bass pedalboard.

Please select the color of heat shrink you would like us to use on the cable - or select 'Random Color' for us to choose for you.

Comparable to 'Vertex Effects' 6" Patch Cables...but much less expensive!

- SquarePlug SP500 Compact Pancake Right-Angle 1/4" TS Mono Cable Plug (Matte Nickel)
- Low Profile - "World's Smallest 1/4" Right-Angle Plug"
- Dimensions:
- 0.32" (8.3mm) Depth (excluding plug)
- 0.67" (17mm) Width
- 1.10" (28mm) Height

- Mogami W2319 Low Noise Guitar/Instrument Cable (Black)
- 23 AWG Conductor
- Cable Diameter: 5.0mm (0.197")
- Flex Life: 11000 Cycles

Heat Shrink:
- Sumitomo Sumitube B2 1/4" Flexible Polyolefin 2:1 Heat Shrink Tubing
- Available in: Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, or Blue

All cables were tested with a cable tester prior to shipping.

NOTE: Cables are measured and cut to length before the connectors are soldered on.
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